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Discover our hand-cut bottle, a magnificent box with real gold hot stamping, a funnel so you can refill your bottle endlessly.

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Become one of 1,000 BLEU IMPERIAL holders in the world. This Limited Edition includes a bottle hand-cut in France, 50 ml of Extrait de parfum, in a collector's box which features the crown, the logo and the period typography hot stamped in real gold and lifetime access with BLEU IMPERIAL fragrance. /products/bleu-imperial-limited-edition

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Resurrecting BLEU IMPERIAL to carry it through time to today, as was already the case with FLEURS DE TABAC, is a delicate transcription exercise, both creative and technical.

The two bottles from Luc Gabriel's private collection served as a basis for the study of perfume, the juice offering all its olfactory richness and a wealth of information on the raw materials used, highlighted by mass spectrometry and
gas chromatography. The analyzes carried out by CHERIGAN revealed a floriental structure composed of a bouquet of spicy flowers placed on a base of patchouli, moss and musk.

Modern regulatory constraints, ingredients banned by the IFRA (International Fragrance Association) such as oak moss, disappearance of certain materials, demanding ethics of CHERIGAN, it took all the talent of the perfumer to interpret and restore the formula to its original substance.

In order to give a more contemporary reading without betraying the signature of the original accord, BLEU IMPERIAL has been reworked with an opening of the note leaving a more important place for citrus fruits such as bergamot and mandarin, for an introduction of more floral notes. purified thanks to neroli, orange blossom absolute, iris, tuberose and jasmine, which has become sambac and no longer grandiflorum. If in the initial formula the carnation was the narcotic touch of the perfume, the addiction of BLEU IMPERIAL comes in its new version of carnal leather sheathed with blades of incense. The soul of the accord here is the base: the ambrette musk which has now disappeared from the palette, has been replaced by an amber accord which provides a “second skin” effect. Combined with the sweet milky notes of sandalwood and ambroxan, a modern version of ambergris, patchouli offers this unique trail typical of great florientals.

Like all CHERIGAN creations, the new BLEU IMPERIAL is part of an innovative and highly qualitative approach.

Because nature provides exceptional ingredients essential to the creation of olfactory emotions, BLEU IMPERIAL is composed of 94% natural ingredients from fair trade partnerships and
from sustainable supplies and expresses all its intensity in Parfum Extract, the most voluptuous and richest concentration that exists in perfumery.


“Launched in 1945, designed in the 1930s, BLEU IMPERIAL is the perfume of the world before, witness to the glory days of Art Deco, the last emblematic creation of a carefree art of living, BLEU IMPERIAL is one of these fragrances eternal ones that carry you away whatever the era.

There is little information on this perfume and it is a real chance that two bottles, found
from passionate collectors, have reached us intact.

BLEU IMPERIAL is a pillar of perfumery, anchored in the great tradition of chypres from the 1930s and 1940s. It is now available in Extrait de parfum, in an exceptional limited edition.

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Mandarin (citrus reticulata)

Cultivated in Italy, in the
regions of Sicily and Calabria, according to strict rules and techniques
guaranteeing a low impact on the environment, this mandarin is harvested
by hand in September and March. Extracted by cold pressing, the essential oil
Mandarin has a juicy and sweet orange smell, with floral accords. THE
extraction protocols allow surplus water to be used to
irrigation of bergamot production fields, and biological waste and sludge
for compost.

SANDALWOOD (santalum album)

Sourced in Sri Lanka and grown
on an old tea plantation, this Indian sandalwood reaches its full potential
olfactory maturity after thirty years. Its essential oil, extracted from
heart of the tree (heartwood), in the darkest part of the wood, gives a
soft, warm and balsamic woody note, with milky and spicy nuances. THE
unused wood is given to the local population for making sticks
incense and the water used for extraction is recycled and reintroduced into
the process.

AMBER AGREEMENT (100% natural)

Inspired by the true smell of amber, this botanical combination with amber notes combines an overdose of natural vanillin with resinous woody ingredients: patchouli,
vetiver, cistus labdanum and smoky notes of incense. A complex haute couture pairing
and exclusive which brings warmth and depth to the composition, creating an effect
“second skin”.


Historical box Private collection

One of the rare original boxes in perfect condition, assembled and decorated by hand in the house's workshops.

historic bottle private collection

The perfume is original, the bottle and the cap are cut by hand.

limited edition bottle

Hand-cut, with an emery ground neck which will allow you to apply your extract drop by drop, this bottle is manufactured according to the rules of luxury French craftsmanship.

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limited edition box

Covered with paper specifically printed to reproduce the original designs, decorated with a crown, the logo and the name of the perfume in real gold hot stamping.

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