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"Adhara Oud offers an original writing of the rose and oud duo. Escorted by geranium, the rose is delicate and powdery here. In contact with the oud accord, it is soon hemmed with tarred leather, dipped in the ink of phenolic notes and dressed in smoke.

Far from the clichés of the genre, this alliance of opposites leaves a trail on the skin that combines finesse and character."

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Adhara Oud

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In the original use of perfume, incense uplifts and purifies. Majestic, mysterious and seductive, oud wood is its most precious essence. It is found in the way of Japanese incense - Kodo - but also in Middle Eastern rituals.

In Adhara Oud, the star material meets rose absolute and geranium leaf, intensified by a leather accord and patchouli. An intoxicating, bewitching power, like an echo of the history of perfumery and its most luxurious materials.

Also available in15ml, Le Touch