Avant-garde from its birth, CHERIGAN's spirit awakens and exalts itself again. In its wake twist the 1930s and their unparalleled creative emergence. Lively cafés, spectacular music halls and lively dance halls punctuate Parisian life.

A hundred years later, its effervescent atmosphere still transports us into this crazy atmosphere, essential today. Our perfumes bear the golden imprint of a timeless, joyful, daring elegance. Echoing the desire to live contemporary, they are part of the wind of emancipation of a roaring decade.

Driven by a modern vision that respects the environment and our history, our products commit us.

They are composed and manufactured entirely in France, only in Extrait de Parfum concentration and containing up to 99% natural ingredients. Our components come mainly from France or Italy and are either recycled or more than 99% recyclable. Our sales prices are deliberately contained, without compromising on quality, despite the significant manufacturing cost. To achieve this we limit the intermediaries between manufacturing and marketing.

Haute Parfumerie, a signature of know-how, made accessible.