TOUCH, a new perfume gesture

how to use touch

Unscrew the cover, apply a drop, screw the cover back on, that's it.

I discover

skin perfume

Cherigan renews a natural and ancestral gesture when the perfume was delicately applied to the skin, drop by drop, to bring the scents to life.

skin perfume

the essence of perfume

Look for the warmest places on your body, where you feel your heart beating.
The diffusion on hot spots is more intense and longer. You'll find them on the inside of your wrists, behind your ears and knees, at the bottom of your neck, and on your ankles. And any other place that you deem pleasant, sensual, personal.

olfactory technology

in detail

The cover incorporates a transparent applicator which contains a few drops of pure Extrait de Parfum.

Unscrew the cover, each time you open it, the applicator recharges automatically.

The perfume is gradually released by capillary action on contact with the skin and is deposited drop by drop.

This unique technology combines an ancestral gesture with the practicality and safety of travel bottles.

Precautions: it is necessary to always place the drop before screwing on the applicator, otherwise it will overload with perfume and leak.

nomadic format

practical and luxurious

A 15 ml bottle that fits easily in a bag, pocket or briefcase.

Perfect for using on the go and keeping it with you at all times.