CHERIGAN was founded in 1929 and quickly established itself at 120 Avenue des Champs Elysées.

Fleurs de Tabac is the launch perfume soon followed by Chance, Bleu Impérial, Parisienne, Masquerade, Jupons, La Habana Cuba, Or Impérial, and many others.


We have relaunched the house's very first perfume, Fleurs de Tabac. A symbol of freedom and independence, tobacco is very popular in the olfactory creations of the time. It was necessary to analyze the perfume, reconstruct it without having all the raw materials from the 1930s, adapt it to today's regulatory constraints and "translate" it so that it can be understood in 2022.

Vintage but not old, Fleurs de Tabac combines the delicacy of great creations that only patience, work and the exceptional quality of the ingredients used can transform into an olfactory jewel.

We use between 90% and 99% natural ingredients in the final formula and we eliminate potentially harmful components. Let's remember that synthetic components are not synonymous with harmful. For some, they are even less allergenic than certain natural components.

We decided with the perfumers to only offer Perfume Extracts. At the origin of the brand, perfumers and customers were sensitive to the trail that they wanted ample and the composition that they wanted rich. It is to preserve this power and this natural intimacy that we have opted for an Extrait de Parfum concentration.

Our perfumes have significant staying power, trail and olfactory volume which comes as much from the quality of the materials used as from the concentration of the formulas.

The duration depending on the perfume ranges from 4 to 12 hours but it all depends on your skin, the number of sprays, the temperature, etc. The easiest way is to take the 15 ml Touch with you for a touch-up whenever and wherever you want.


We tested different types and methods of lacquering with our master glassmaker. Then we worked on different colors to arrive at the final result.

A thin layer of colored lacquer on the bottom of the bottle on the outside gives these incredible highlights. This is due to the shape of the bottle which allows the color to be transported over the entire surface and makes it change depending on the angle from which you look at the bottle. Pure visual magic.


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